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Wedding table decorations can be elaborate or simple and it all depends on your taste and style. You want every element of your wedding tables to make a statement. There are several things you can do to make your reception decorations special, and your wedding tables will be a good place to start.

Choose Your Theme and Colors

Wedding Table Decorations

Are you planning on having an elaborate theme wedding, or just using a particular color palette? You want the look and feel of your wedding reception decor to be glamorous and exciting without going over the top. Paint chips from your local hardware store can come in very handy in choosing your reception color scheme. Pick a few colors you like, and mix them up to create a unique color palette. Don't be afraid to try bold colors or unusual pairings.

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Distinguish Special Tables

Your head table decoration should vary a bit from your other table decorations. Your cake table, gift table and registry table should also stand out a bit. It's really not difficult to make these tables different without going in a completely different direction. Try draping fabric along the outside face of your head table, cake table and gift table. Use a lightweight organza or tulle. You can also do a taller version of your centerpieces for special tables, and a scaled down version for guest tables. The key is to make sure guests can see at a glance where the focal points are.

Dig Into Details

Take every opportunity to add your special touch to your wedding table decorations. Your guests will be sitting at these tables for a big part of your reception. Give them something to talk about and remember. If you are using napkin rings, try those with sparkle or bling. Customize guest cards with cute stamps, stick-ons or splurge on gorgeous stationary. All these little details work to create an overall look that looks cohesive, balanced and beautiful.

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