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In every culture there are particular wedding traditions that are timeless, and many couples are seeking to pay homage to these customs in their own unique way. Find out more about some interesting wedding customs like...

Best Man Traditions

Cultural Traditions

Father of the Bride Traditions

and many more! We'll share ideas and stories and popular wedding quotes to help you make your most cherished traditions a special part of your wedding day.

Some Popular Wedding Traditions

Some of the most popular traditions have evolved from blessing rituals for luck, health or happiness in marriage. They have been around for hundreds even thousands of years sometimes, and still have a significant value for couples today. They help bind the bride and groom's family together, and create new memories for them all.

I've broken my favorite wedding customs down into categories, to make it easier for me to dive into each one..

Ceremony Traditions

Most wedding cermony traditions are religious in nature. For the most part they are done in a church, synagogue or other religious venue, and are a central focus for weddings in many cultures.

Even many non-religious couples like to include some element of these types of customs and they are often very emotional aspects of the ceremony.

Something Old, Something New

Some wedding ceremony traditions are more influenced by culture than by religion, but are still deeply spiritual rituals. The jumping the broom ceremony, a part of many African-American weddings is one such example.

These customs will help draw every guest into your ceremony, and help them feel more included. Many guests will enjoy learning a little about your religion or culture.

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