Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas can be a little tricky. Many brides have a vauge idea of how they'd like their wedding reception to look, but they need ideas on how to turn those ideas into wedding reality. When it comes to wedding centerpieces, you'll find that expenses can add up fast!

What's a bride to do?

Well many savvy brides-to-be are choosing to create their own fabulous wedding centerpieces. Depending on the style you have in mind, many centerpieces can be surprisingly easy to pull off.

I hope to help you stretch the bounds of creativity to come up with less traditional style centerpieces, and still make them elegant and beautiful.

wedding centerpiece ideas

I will share with you some of my favorite non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas and some of the more classic floral styles as well.

No matter your particular style you should enjoy all of these wedding centerpiece ideas and I sincerely hope you will find an idea that is right for you, or at least fans that spark of creativity into a flame.

Centerpiece idea trends

Lace Decorated Vases are a real hit with my brides and other clients. There are many great ways to achieve the look, with just a few simple materials. This is a style almost anybody can do, but no two brides will choose the same look.

What to do…

Simply wrap your favorite lace doily around the sides of your vase using a clear adheasive. A square vase looks awesome with matching doilies glued to each side and filled with pastel flowers. The look either way is beautifully vintage and quaint.

Vases lit by LED lights are also a big trend in wedding reception decorations. The addition of light vastly improve a boring old vase, and LED lights are available in a variety of colors and styles. There are even types that are completely submergible opening up the design possibilities even further.

What to do...

Place several LED lights into your tall straight sided vases. Most LED lights simply require you to twist them on, and they will remain lit for hours. Fill your vases with acrylic cubes, faux gems or even plain old water and voila! A marvelously elegant centerpiece for very little extra green!

Enhancing Your Centerpieces

Wedding reception decorations are getting more and more elaborate and opulent. If you have the budget for opulence, that's great, but what to do if you don't?

Well if you're like me, you are constantly looking for ways to get an expensive, luxurious look, without spending the big bucks. Lucky for you there are plenty of ways to do this with your wedding centerpiece ideas.

3 Simple Ways…

Here are my favorite ways to enhance a wedding centerpiece. They are admittedly simple choices, but amazingly effective for adding a touch of glam.

Use a mirror base- beneath centerpieces-There is nothing better (besides diamonds maybe!)for catching light and adding beauty to your wedding tables. Buy plain mirrors and put them inside decorative frames for a unique centerpiece base.

Use votive candles-Geometric shapes and groupings can make using votive candles more interesting. Try cube shaped holders grouped tightly together around a square vase.

Try a Riser-You can get more height with something as simple as a stuffed box covered with fabric. Use the chance to get really creative with the covering. I love to use something sparkly or textured.

Using these tricks can make plain wedding centerpiece ideas special, so I hope you'll give one of them a try. Check back in the coming weeks for more ideas, photos and inspiration!

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