Considering silk flowers for your Wedding?

silk wedding flowers

There are usually two camps when it comes to choosing between silk flowers and live flowers. One camp says that artificial flowers are the way to go since they are durable and versatile The other camp says that real flowers are the only choice for weddings.

There are of course pros and cons for each. Artificial flowers can look cheap, if you don't take care to choose the right ones, and often the best, most realistic choices can be very pricey.

On the pro-side, they will virtually last forever, and you will be able to prepare your centerpieces, and anything else using silk flowers, far in advance of your actual wedding.

Another added bonus is that these wedding flowers can be given as a keepsake to future generations, and that can be a very special way for the bride to carry 'something old' from Mom or Grandma.

I guess I'm in the camp that absolutely adores silk wedding flowers, there are many ways to use them that elevate simple silk wedding flowers to new levels. And in a great many cases, your guests will have a hard time figuring out whether they are real flowers or not!

I'd like to share some of the best ideas I've found for creating elegant and beautiful silk wedding bouquets and arrangements for your wedding, I hope to convert you to my camp if you're not already a fan!

So what is the best way to use artificial flowers for your wedding?

First I'd like to be sure and note that when I say 'silk flowers' we are talking about the more common polyester or nylon versions as well, as these have pretty much overtaken the market from traditional silk flowers.

The nylon or poly versions are really very nice, and the best part is they cost a lot less than true silk flowers.

Now that we have that out of the way…

You can choose to make all of your wedding flower arrangements and bridal bouquets from artificial flowers, or just a portion. A great way to blend them in with your live wedding flowers is to use them in items that will not be seen up close, and use live flowers for other items which will be under closer scrutiny like wedding centerpiece arrangements.

Some good places to start

I have lots of experience decorating with artificial flowers. As a part time bridal planner for brides with tiny budgets they can be a god-send. Not only can they be really cost-effective, you can get so much more done ahead of time!

silk wedding flowers white

Silk flowers are also great for when you what that brilliant, snow-white that often can not be achieved with live flowers. Or maybe you want a bright neon or other really vivid color choice.

Silk flowers work for many other wedding flower arrangements as well, but they really shine with pave style, tightly arranged decorations.

You can make a lovely pair of wedding wreaths to decorate double doors of a church or venue. Use flowers of all one color, or maybe try an ombre color scheme which is trendy and makes your wreath that much more interesting.

Or..You can take the same concept and create gorgeous pave monograms for your wedding. Styrofoam monograms are available at most craft stores, and you can use entire blooms, or just the petals themselves. Don't forget to use some gorgeous satin ribbon to hang your finished work!

Simple tip for cutting costs

Live flowers are the choice of most brides, but the cost is often prohibitive. Avoid putting too big a dent in your budget by trying designs that use fewer flowers, or by using flowers that are inexpensive, but still offer enough of the wow factor you are looking for.

Choose flowers with long stems, and big single blooms like Gerbera daisies, Calla lilies or Dahlias. If you want to splurge just a little, try a stem of orchids. They will be more expensive that Callas or Gerberas, but at thirteen to fifteen dollars a stem, you will still pay less than you would for a typical floral centerpiece.

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