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Many brides have a picture in their heads of their perfect wedding reception decorations. Still, there are things about your wedding reception venue that you just can't control. In a perfect world, every bride would get just what she wants, but since that's not possible, lets work within our parameters.

Color Clashes?

What to do if your wedding reception venue sports a color scheme that totally clashes with your wedding theme? You envisioned a navy blue and silver wedding, but your wedding venue has brown carpet, and burgundy chairs with gold trim. Assuming you can't afford another venue, how to make your wedding reception decorations match your site? If it's really important for your wedding reception decorations to match your venue, you may decide that a whole new color scheme is really the only way to go. However, if you are flexible, there are some ways to fix this problem.

Some Things to Try

chair covers
Chair covers

These will both solve the problem of mismatched or wrong colored chairs, and draw guests eyes away from carpet that doesn't match your wedding theme. The color, fabric and texture options are endless and chair sashes are typically included. Be careful however, if you are on a budget, since most chair covers start at around 4.00 each. This could be a significant hit to your budget if not planned for in advance.

Rent Different Chairs

If chair covers aren't your style, renting chairs may be the way to go. Simple white, folding chairs will run you less than two dollars each, and elegant Chiavari chairs can be as affordable as four dollars per chair.

Try Lighting

LED lighting is more affordable than you think. With the rainbow of colors available you can absolutely transform your wedding venue. If you have room in your budget, even a little lighting can go a long way. Most lighting vendors rent LED up lights for around twenty dollars apiece and the price usually gets cheaper if you rent more than ten. In the end, none of these things will be remembered by your guests as much as the good time they had with you on your special day. Remember stress less and accomplish more. Good luck!

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