You Can Create Amazing Tablescapes!

Really good tablescapes encompass every element of your reception table and seating, and everything from linens to the chairs, plays an important role in the design. This is what elevates it to more than a decorated table. The more intricate the design, and the more items you place on your table, the more the cost will increase, so if budget is a concern limit the more elaborate design to the sweetheart table or some other very important focal point like the table for your escort cards.

Valentines Tablescapes

Beautiful tablescapes are easy to create, and simple to plan if you know where to start. Without a proper plan, you may be in for lots more work than you bargained for! Prepare yourself for success by planning for your tablescapes in advance.

For Best Results...

Create a focal point and work from there. After you've chosen what your focal point will be, here are a few things to you can do to make your design really stand out.

• Create a focal point
• Choose a color scheme
• Use accent lighting
• Use different Shapes and Sizes
• Use risers or platforms to create height and drama

Gorgeous Tablescapes

Creating a focal point makes it easier for you to flesh out the remainder of your design. A beach theme reception for example, may use driftwood as the focal point for their design, and flesh it out with beach theme flowers, starfish, seashells and Sea fans. Your color scheme makes choosing these different elements easier, you'll narrow down your choices much more quickly once you decide this.

Accent lighting is also important, so use votive candles, LED lights or lamps to really amp up the romance of your design. Create volume and depth by using items of different shapes and sizes. This will make your design more interesting, and give it more balance overall, as will placing your whole design or parts of it at different heights. Create a simple riser yourself, by filling and weighting empty boxes. Cover them anyway you wish, and make them part of you tablescape.

Structuring you Tablescape Design

Beautiful design via Wildflower Linen

Your design should radiate out from the center. The tallest elements of your design will of course be in the very center, with shorter items coming next in progression, the shortest items, like votive cups nearest the guests. Layering the design this way makes for more interesting tablescapes and is a lot like layering fragrance.

Each element adds a little bit more depth, hue and sparkle to your overall design. Draw a little graphic for yourself, so you'll have a clear idea of where you'd like to place everything. If changes are going to be made, it's best to sort them out in the beginning, and even a rudimentary drawing will help immensely. Use colors and label your items for an even better reference. Once you have an idea of what you'd like your table to look like, you'll be better prepared to shop for the items you'll need. Some items can be used to improve on almost any centerpiece, and are easy to find and add as accents;

• Votive cups
• LED lights
• Candles
• Vases
• Mirrors
• Deco Beads

Many of these items can be found at your local dollar store, and a floral or art supply will easily provide the rest. Place your centerpiece arrangement atop a mirror and surround it with glass votive candle holders. Fill with candles or flowers, depending on your taste. Mix and match any of the items listed to accent your own table design.

For more ideas for special wedding tables and tablescapes.

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