Planning a beach wedding reception

beach wedding reception

Do you want your beach wedding reception to be an affair to remember? It's best to remind your self that a reception is a celebration, so…

It's time to party!

And what better place for a party than a picturesque beach? Your beach wedding reception will blow all those dull and boring receptions you've been to, out of the water! Leave behind the restrictions of the typical banquet hall, and free your imagination and creativity to plan the perfect beach reception.

First things first-

Do you have a theme in mind? A beach wedding allows you let your hair down a little. You're outside, the weather is great and the scenery is beautiful. Expand on all the great things about the beach to create a solid theme that will help you focus all your ideas.

No two beach wedding receptions are alike, and there are many themes-

  • Nautical theme-clean classic colors, sailors knots, sails and lifesavers as design elements. Message in a bottle escort cards, and floral table centerpieces with starfish accents.

  • Tropical style-Lush greenery like palms, banana leaf and ti leaves to accent floral arrangements. Coconuts as votive holders, tiki torches lighting the party.

  • Carnival or Coney Island-Popcorn in striped paper boxes for your guests, a fun photo booth and a cool cotton candy buffet. Choose fun music to fit the carnival theme.

  • Desert Oasis-Moroccan Lamps to hold your centerpiece flowers, rich jewel tones with gold accents for your décor. Belly dancers as entertainment for your guests.

  • Your personal style and taste will dictate the direction you choose, but any of these ideas can be lots of fun. Make sure the theme you choose is a good fit for the beach where you'll be having your wedding reception.

    Avoid these mistakes

    There are lots of things to love about a day at the beach. It's breezy, warm and sunny and all that is really cool right? Well at your beach wedding reception, some of these same pros can turn to cons really quick…

    For example, too much breeze and woosh! Your reception decorations go flying. Not to mention your guests, who are dressed t o kill for your wedding, are sweltering in the sun! The bride who doesn't plan for these things in advance, could find her guests are very uncomfortable, and not able to enjoy themselves at the wonderful party you've planned.

    Plan your reception in the later part of the day when temperatures have cooled a bit, and the sun is not directly overhead. If you are determined to have a beach wedding reception you must bow to Mother Nature. Plan your wedding around the weather. Know which months bring lots of wind or rain, and plan accordingly. Windy months are a no-no for beach weddings and outdoor weddings in general.

  • Choose a wedding tent or decorative umbrellas for tables and seating areas

  • Renting heat lamps is good idea for dropping night time temps.

  • Flip flop sandals make great wedding favors. Great for tired feet, and walking in the sand.

  • These kinds of small touches will mean a great deal to your guests. They will certainly appreciate your effort, and you and they will be able to enjoy your beach wedding reception more comfortably.

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