Silk Wedding Bouquets can be Beautiful!

silk bouquets

Silk wedding bouquets have had a bad rap with brides for many years.

They can often be tacky and cheap looking, and the colors too bright and garish. However, recent years have seen things develop in a very significant way.

Now these bouquets are becoming popular with today's brides for a number of reasons…and you really can't blame them when you see some of the fabulous offerings out there!

Not only are the flowers looking more and more realistic, they are now available in some really interesting colors and textures.

They last forever

For a day a special as your wedding, you want something that you can look back on many years later and remember… Every time you look at your beautiful silk bouquet you will remember how special you felt in the moment you walked down the aisle to say I do.

There are several different types of silk wedding bouquets, and just as with fresh flowers, you'll want to look at several kinds to figure out which is right for you.

For many brides favor silk bouquets that look really real. They are lush and colorful and can often be expensive as well. You don't want to cut corners on your bouquet and since you'll be keeping it forever consider good quality flowers an investment in the beauty of your bouquet. This doesn't mean you have to pay a ton…Get quality flowers and great deals on silk wedding flowers in our online store.

Trendy Silk Wedding Bouquets

Another great style of bouquet which incorporates silk flowers is the brooch bouquet. Silk flowers and unique brooches are the keys to the flexibility this style offers, and allow for an incredible range of personalization.

Since your bouquet will be a keepsake, don’t skimp on the sparkle. You'll be pulling that baby out for years to come for your friends and family to reminisce over, and you may even want to pass it down to your own daughter or granddaughter. Go for top quality crystals when possible, especially for the handle wrap, you will love it and it will age without tarnishing or growing dull.

If you have already purchased your bouquet it's not too late to dress them up a little by adding crystal bouquet picks or even fancy brooches or buttons. They can easily be glued into the center of most silk flowers or stuck between the flowers themselves down through the arrangement.

Silk wedding bouquets Can be Inexpensive

Silk wedding bouquets are available in any of the styles that fresh bouquets are available in…with the added benefit of lasting a lot longer, but beware..certain silk wedding flowers can be quite expensive, especially if you are going for a very realistic looking bloom.

To offset costs try shopping for your silk wedding flowers well in advance of your wedding and do your best to catch sales whenever possible. If you live in a big city there are sure to be floral wholesalers in your town, their clearance sales can be just what your wedding budget needs in terms of a break!

Another way to offset costs is to have a seasonal wedding such as a Christmas or holiday wedding and buy all the after season deals on flowers you can find. There will be loads to choose from in terms of silk wedding flowers and you'll be sure to find some variety since Christmas is hardly just red and green anymore.

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