Planning to Make Your Own Wedding Decorations?

You can make your own wedding decorations if you want them to be more personal or trim costs from your wedding budget. If you've got the time, and a little creativity you can pull off the wedding of your dreams, even on a shoe string budget. Even brides who don't have tons of craft skills can easily put together wedding decorations that will impress.

Get Everyone Involved

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Don't be afraid to ask for help, to make your own wedding decorations you'll need a few assistants, if only for the wedding day itself. If you are creative and organized you can turn making these decorations into a fun task for your bridal party. It's all in the atmosphere. If you are a big grump or a task master, you won't get the fantastic and creative results that you will get from a happy bridal party.

Invite your girls over for tasks which require lots of time or assembly if done solo. It's nice to have drinks and snacks, and don't forget the music. This is a time to have fun and get lots done at the same time. Take a moment to explain everything your bridesmaids or others will be doing at the beginning.

Write it out for yourself beforehand to make sure you cover all your bases, this will save you time later. Your wedding will blend two families into one. Get everyone from both sides involved to make your own wedding decorations look just like the professionals. The extra labor will help get things done more quickly and your in-laws will get a chance to work together and mingle at the same time. An added bonus is the great feeling everyone will get knowing they made a contribution to your special day.

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Three Tips to Make Your Own Wedding Decorations

    • Save time and money by getting as much as you can from one store. Ribbon and silk flowers can be found at most dollar stores, and stores like the Dollar Tree make it easy to order in bulk. These stores are also great for votive candles, mirrors and candle holders of all types.
    • Break your decorating to-do list down into individual projects. List everything you will need to decorate the cake table, then everything you'll need to decorate your wedding arch and so on. You will be able to stay organized, and smaller details won't be overlooked.

    • Always do a mock up of your centerpiece and table design. You will get a much better feel for the look you are trying to achieve, and you will know in advance where your ideas need polishing. This will also be immensely helpful to anyone in your party who plans to help you put things together, and the overall progress will go much faster once the see for themselves what you are trying to do.

    Ready to make your own wedding decorations?

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