Many ways to use Floating Candle Centerpieces

Pink floating vases

Floating candle centerpieces can be romantic and beautiful and they work in almost any wedding decoration design! You may want to them for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception decorations, and I hope to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of this look.

For your Aisle

When I think of a wedding aisle, floating candle centerpieces just seem to make sense to me…Centerpieces don't have to imply the item of the middle of the table, but rather something for your guests to focus on as they take in the overall look of your setting.

Mason jars make great containers for wedding decorations. On shepherds hooks, hang mason jars and fill the jars with water. Use small floating candles which will be the perfect size for your jar. You can even hang them from trees or arbors.

hanging mason jars

Tip: For a pop of color try adding a few drops of food coloring to your water to make your centerpieces really stand out!

Be sure to secure your shepherds hooks firmly in the ground, especially since you'll be adding water to the whole arrangement. A stanchion, which is similar to a shepherds hook usually has a heavy base, which is great for making sure your decorations don’t topple over. Try something different if wind will be a factor, a few jars lined along the aisle on the ground will look equally nice.

Most venues also love stanchions since they don't require sticking anything into the ground to secure them.

Floating Candle Centerpieces for a Dramatic Wedding Altar

For a dramatic and romantic look use of floating candles as altar decoration, and don't be afraid to go a little over the top. Use column vases in a variety of sizes. The taller the vase, the more dramatic, but stagger the heights, using shorter vases to make the decoration more interesting.

Again, you can keep this simple or add your own little twists. A strip of black or pink lace glued down the front of the vase adds instant elegance or mystery depending on your style and colored rocks or gems can be added to the bottom of vases to match wedding theme colors.

Floating Candle centerpieces for Wedding Tables…

floating water orchids

Finally we come to your wedding tables, the most popular place to use floating candle centerpieces.

To make sure guests are able to see across the table, use a shorter vase, or even a squat flat type of container for your centerpieces. Round flat vases look great with a few floating candles and floating silk flowers like lotus blossoms or even lilies.

Other floral elements you can use are:

Any artificial flowers

Real or artificial stems and branches.

Acrylic stones or colored glass pieces

Once you embrace the idea, you'll find your own way to make this look come to life. Don't underestimate the beauty of filler leaves and grasses for this design, they make an inexpensive and beautiful addition to water filled vases.

If you are using long rectangular tables, you can use staggered vases all the way down the length of the table. Use vases of the same width, but varying heights, and fill with clear water and ivory or white floating candles.

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