Options for Church Wedding Decorations

Church Wedding Decorations have to be special right? The arrangements, colors and venue all help frame your big ceremony and you want everything to be perfect. Create tasteful designs that will highlight the beauty of the venue, and won't give you a decorating headache! Before you start planning there are some things you must know about decorating inside a church.

Church Wedding Decorations
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Where to Start?

First things first. Before you place item number one on your list of church wedding decorations, you'll have to know the policy of the church towards decorating. Many churches prefer that you not use tape, tacks or anything else that will damage the church pews, walls or other elements. Avoid this problem altogether by renting 3-5 ft. columns to place your wedding flower arrangements on top of. Wedding pew clips also make a really good tool for decorating the wedding aisle and the won't hurt the pews at all. If you're not sure about anything make a list of questions you'd like to ask in advance of your meeting with the church representative.

• How early will you be able to get inside the church to decorate?

If you will only have an hour or so, this will make a huge impact on how much decorating you can actually do, especially if you and your wedding party are doing things yourselves. Most church sites are willing to allow plenty of time to decorate but be sure to discuss this beforehand.

• Are there any types of wedding decorations that are prohibited?

Some churches may prohibit the use of lit candles for example. Others may have a strong prohibition against using tacks or certain adhesive materials. This could limit your options for which church wedding decorations you can use, so it's better to know before you commit to your ceremony venue.
lit aisle decor

Put your own twist on classic church wedding decorations!

Find an event supply company who rents free standing columns or stanchions. These are a fantastic and inexpensive way to work within the decorating guidelines of your ceremony venue. Best of all they are available in many finishes and colors, and your decorations will be done with very little effort.

Many rental companies also have silk wedding flowers you can rent to add to the colums or stanchions you choose. You can bring the columns in and drape them in fabric or lights. Get creative, you can design them anyway you wish. Be sure there is plenty of space beneath or in front of the altar to set up two to four columns.

Church Wedding decor

Candleabras placed behind the bride and groom also make lovely church wedding decorations. You can use a little foam and floral tape to decorate the candleabras with flowers to match your wedding bouquet. Finish off at the base of the candleabra with an organza bow.

Pew clips are a vital tool in creating a professional look for your pew bows. They insure that you will be able to create a neat and clean design for your ceremony without damaging the church furniture. These can be purchased very inexpensively at most supply stores, or online.

Be careful using flower petals inside the church, especially if the aisle is carpeted. The petals can stain the carpet and cause unnecessary headaches for the bride and groom. You can use silk wedding flowers or petals to avoid this problem.

Make your Church Wedding Decorations Easier for You

Make a plan for what you most desire aesthetically for the church ceremony site, take into consideration whether you would like one with chairs, or pews. Would large stained glass windows make the perfect backdrop, or ruin the picture you have in mind of your ceremony?

yellow aisle decor

Think the details through and decide what you can live with, and what you simply must have. Create a floor plan detailing the aisle and altar, counting the pews and giving measurements for the length of the aisle. This will come in handy when trying to decide on the length of your runner, or how many petals you'll need for the bride's walk down the aisle. For your pew decorations have a few more than are needed just in case. Even if the ceremony is held at your home church, get the contract for your ceremony, and the rules associated with decorating the church, in writing. This will protect both you and the church if a problem arises

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