Choosing Wedding Tents for Outdoor Weddings

wedding tents

For and outdoor ceremony, wedding tents have long been the most suitable option for most brides. When planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, it is important to consider whether or not you will be renting a tent or some similar structure, and to start looking for vendors early. You may be fine with your ceremony being entirely outdoors, but you don't want guests outdoors for the reception event. If this is the case, wedding tents are certainly the way to go. There are many types of tents available so be sure to know the basics before you call or stop by your local vendor.

Is a Tent Right for You

There are two major types of wedding tents, and you'll need to figure out which one is best for your event. The size of the tent you will need will of course be determined by the number of guests you are expecting. The rental company should be able to give accurate assessments of how many guests each size tent will hold comfortably.

Frame Tents

Frame Tents are free standing structures which may be installed on a variety of surfaces, and in close proximity to buildings or other structures. Frame Tents have no center poles, so you have the maximum amount of space available under the tent. Frame Tents may be outfitted with optional lighting and sidewalls. Although Frame Tents are essentially free standing, they must either be staked, or weighted to ensure safety and security.

When measuring out the area for your tents, allow a perimeter of about five feet or so around the area where your tent will be set up. Account for overhead branches, power lines, or other obstructions, in the area you'll want your tent set-up. Proper ground conditions for stake anchoring is important for tent installations. When you inquire or reserve a tent your vendor will most likely inquire as to what the setup surface is; be it grass, dirt, asphalt, or bricks. The rental company should be able to accommodate you, as long as they are notified in advance.

Century Pole Tents

Century Pole Tents are dramatic, high peaked tents which allow for the largest capacity. Century Pole tents are beautiful, yet heavy duty tension structures, which have a center pole(s), and require staking. Pole Tents may be outfitted with optional lighting and sidewalls. You'll need to allow ten feet, instead of the usual five, around the perimeter of the Pole Tent for proper installation.

A deposit of around 25% of the total cost will typically be required in advance. The deposit is needed at the time of making your reservation to make sure that the items will be held for you. Most companies provide set-up and tear-down, but be sure to ask the vendor to clarify whether this is included in your rental costs. Using this information should give you a good starting point in choosing a wedding tent for your big day.

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