How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Decorations

wedding decorations

Trends come and go but classic style is timeless. True in fashion, and true for wedding decorations too!

Whether you are a do-it-yourself bride, or just looking for ideas to present to your wedding planner, I hope to share with you my favorite ideas for decorating your most special of days. We'll break down your decorations into simple, bite-size categories, and help you work through some basic planning principles.

I'm here to guide you through the entire process of choosing the right ideas, and sifting through all the rest.

Starting your wedding decorations plan is simple as 1,2,3...

Your ceremony will be beautiful, and your decorations will create the perfect romantic atmosphere. How will you achieve all this?

Follow the 1, 2, 3 approach for getting started and focusing your decorations on some key elements. This approach calls for focusing on your altar, aisle and chair decorations to begin with, and then working out from there.

Decorating the wedding altar is a good place to start planning for your decorations. You'll want to settle right away on a general theme or color scheme and you'll want to decide what type of decoration you want, i.e, a wedding arch, columns or candleabra.

Once you've decided wedding arch decorations, you can move on to the wedding aisle. Wedding aisle decorations can be anything from simple vases to elaborate tree branch arches. You can decorate the borders of your aisle, or create a beautiful flower petal walkway design.

Your wedding chairs will be next, and you'll decide on what type of chair you'll use, whether or not you'll need chair covers, sashes or both and if you'll use some special decoration on the back row of chairs.

Use the 1,2,3 approach to give yourself a quick jump-start on your wedding decoration planning, and don't be afraid to make a statement with your wedding decorations!

Trust your Creativity..

Some of my favorite wedding decoration ideas have come from the clients I have worked with, who, while expressing their desire for a particular look, have sometimes stumbled across some genius ideas. I'd love to share some of these ideas with you, and I hope you'll take away from this page, many wedding decoration ideas that you can use for your big day.

I recently saw an editorial depicting a wedding reception where huge pumpkins were used as seating. Now that's unique... Wedding Arches, aisle décor, wedding chairs… It may seem like a lot to think about right now, but you'll be crossing those decorating tasks off your list one by one, I promise.

Get more ideas for wedding decorations, and how to create a fantastic wedding arch. If you've been dreaming of the perfect setting for where your vows will take place, you've definitely thought about your wedding arch. You'll find a few more tips to make your wedding arch something really special.

Are you looking for decorations for a theme wedding? I am always looking for new ideas for theme weddings. Every bride wants to be different and have her wedding be a special event for everybody. Make your wedding even more fun, by choosing an awesome wedding theme idea that fits your style.

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