Vintage Wedding Ideas

vintage wedding

There are many beautiful ideas for vintage weddings. I want to share some novel ways to create a unique vintage wedding that is a super fun and almost anyone can pull off. For most brides it lends itself very well to thrifty decorations, because many of the items you'll need to create the look are used or very inexpensive. In fact here are several ideas for your vintage style wedding that can be pulled off for about twenty five dollars or less.

I've found that you can interpret the vintage theme in many different ways, but it always helps to have some focus.

Maybe you want a whimsical vintage theme. Choosing to make it whimsical means you have some direction. You'll choose wedding centerpieces, table decorations and wedding chairs with this in mind. Here's a suggestion...

Pinwheel Centerpieces-These centerpieces are lovely and nostalgic, and just perfect for a vintage or country wedding. Best of all you only need a few simple to find items to make a centerpiece that is perfect for a whimsical, vintage style wedding.

What you'll need: Glass Soda bottles, Pinwheels, ribbon

Choose bottles and pinwheels of different heights, and colors to make the centerpiece more interesting. You can use shiny mylar pinwheels or old fashioned paper ones, depending on your own personal style. Use ribbon to tie on the stick of your pinwheels, knotting them on a spot just above where they will emerge from the bottle. Leave ribbon in long streamers, and use several different colors, whichever suit your color scheme.

Maybe you want a soft and romantic feel to your vintage wedding. This can be achieved in many ways.

Nothing says vintage wedding style like lace. It's available in so many beautiful patterns, and thanks to E-bay, vintage lace doilies are available no matter where you live. Of course if you feel like doing a little shopping, flea markets are a great place to shop for vintage items of any kind, especially lace.

What you'll need: Funky jars, with smooth wide sides, big enough for your lace doilies to be glued onto. Lace doilies. Votive candles or LED votives (better for adding a bit of color) Glue or rubber cement. Silver Tray or Vintage mirror.

Glue lace doilies to the outside of your jars, one on each side, or in a band around the outside. Place several of these jars together on your silver tray, and insert your votive.

You can also use lace doilies under your wedding charger plates, and vintage fabrics for your wedding tables.

What's more romantic for your vintage style wedding, than quaint mason moonlighting as lanterns. Thanks to crafty designers, they are even available in several colors, and pink or coral may suit your vintage theme more aptly. No matter whether they're colored or not, these little lanterns are certain to bring sparkle to a most memorable evening.

What you'll need: Mason Jars, Decorative wire, medium gauge, votive candles or led votives.

Using decorative wire, which is available in many different colors, wrap the mouth of your mason jars, and attach a loop across to make a lantern handle. Insert a votive candle or led light for a romantic glow.

Mercury Glass also looks very good as a flower holder for any vintage style wedding. Use bright flowers to bring out the beautiful bubbly texture of the glass. It's available in many colors, from silver to pink.

The absolute best thing about choosing a vintage style wedding? You can mix and match and play around with different elements, even stuff you already have on hand. You can also make a fun day of shopping for vintage items with your bridesmaids, they'll have a blast!

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