More Wedding Centerpiece Ideas!

I've given you a few of my favorite centerpiece ideas, but new ideas are always popping up, and inspiration seems to be everywhere. I have two totally easy ideas to share, and more to come!

I love doing fabulous designs on a budget. It stretches the creativity and forces you to shop around a bit, which often helps you find the perfect item to finish off that dream centerpiece you have in mind.

You'll be able to incorporate some of the latest ideas and trends into your own wedding centerpieces with amazing results. The best part? All these ideas are simple and inexpensive to create!

Feather Centerpieces

This one is really as simple as it sounds. Two feather boas and a styrofoam ball and you'll be halfway there. Whats best is they make gorgeous and dramatic centerpieces, and they are quick to put together.

What you'll need

  • 8 in Styrofoam ball
  • 2-3 inch stick pins
  • 2 feather boas
  • tall vase (18-24")
  • You'll start at the top of your ball with the first boa, and wind your way around the ball, pinning as you go along. You'll need at least two to completely fill the ball so that the styrofoam does not show through.

    Once this is done neatly and to your satisfaction, you can sit the finished product atop the vase. I like to use a pilsner or fluted vase because it makes the feather pompander naturally look fuller and more dramatic.

    Driftwood Centerpiece

    The concept of using driftwood as a centerpiece isn't new, but you can easily make this classic idea your own. Best of all, it is a very inexpensive way to create an arrangement that's sure to be a show stopper.

    What You'll Need...

  • floral moss filler
  • decorative acrylic gems
  • silk orchid blossoms (or other flower)
  • Mini glue gun and glue sticks
  • You will simply use your hot glue gun to apply the floral moss strategically over your selected piece of driftwood. Once you are satisfied with the coverage and overall balance begin to apply your silk orchid blossoms over the spots where moss has been applied.

    Three or four cascading from one point looks lovely. Use your acrylic gems to scatter around the base of your piece of driftwood, and glue a few pieces around the areas where you've applied your flowers if you like.

    Both of the above centerpieces are fairly inexpensive, totally easy to do, and the finished result will be amazing! I hope you will try one, and check back soon for more centerpiece ideas and tips!

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