A Budget Wedding Can be Beautiful

budget weddings

A budget wedding can sound like you are depriving yourself of the wedding of your dreams. Not so! It doesn't take a ton of money to create your dream wedding, just a little decorating savvy. Armed with a few money saving ideas, you'll be ready to create a fabulous wedding on a shoe-string.

Planning a Budget Wedding

Even if you have lots of cash, but especially if you don't, saving money on your wedding is always a good thing. The more you can save on getting the decorations you want, the more you have to spend on things after the wedding, like your honeymoon! A budget wedding with lots of do-it-yourself projects can be both fun and rewarding. I hope to help you see just how much can be done with very little money outlay. On many items you may not need to spend any money at all, and what's better than that?

Shop around for the absolute best venue. The best value for your wedding dollar is a venue that can double as your ceremony and reception site. Choose a location with a garden area, or patio and an area where guests can mingle between the ceremony and the party afterwards.

Many hotel chains can accomodate you nicely, sectioning off portions of a ball room for the ceremony, then "flipping" the whole room for the reception.

Don't Skip the Cocktail hour, transform it! You can run up a hefty tab with the cost of liquor for cocktail hour. Try something fun and far less expensive like a lemonade or soda bar. Guests can indulge on different colors and flavors of these types of drinks, and cute mugs, straws and napkins will liven up the serving area.

There are many ways to use this fabric, and all of them are going to be simply gorgeous! Now most people don't think of burlap as being especially glamorous, but have I got news for you. This coarse, brown material can be the height of fab for your wedding. Use to create favor bags. Secure your burlap baggies with a pretty, bright colored ribbon to compliment the natural color of the burlap. Create cute, coordinating centerpieces by wrapping burlap around mason jars, and securing with your satiny ribbon. Use burlap to create cute little holders for your flatware, and sew on old-fashioned, or colorful buttons to complete your budget wedding look.

    Outdoor Wedding Ideas on the Cheap

Planning a budget wedding outdoors? String twine between two trees and use wooden clothes pins to secure place cards for your guests. Make the homemade look a theme for your wedding, and don't be afraid to be creative. Sometimes the simplest things are best. You can get away with little things at an outdoor wedding, that may not seem appropriate indoors, or for any other theme. Budget savers like nylon tablecloths or buffet style dinners, just go along with your overall theme.

The ubiquitous and versatile little Mason Jar can be the basis for some really knock-out decorations, and they can be bought for a few dollars per case. Use them to hold cookie batter wedding favors, or use them as vases for wildflowers. Wrap your favorite fabric in a band around your mason jars, and finish with twine or ribbon wrapped around to secure. Talk about cute! Decorative Dixie cups make great little shades over Christmas lights, for the cutest rustic look ever. For a country wedding cover Mason jars halfway up with white, pink or blue lace. The ultimate in western glam. Create pom-pom balls using coffee filters or cupcake liners. Cupcake liners especially are available in just about any color, and are also available in foil.

Try any of these ideas to make your budget wedding the wedding of your dreams!

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